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One Step Ovulation Test

If you are planning a baby or actively trying to become pregnant then you will want to maximise your chances. As there is only a 20% chance of pregnancy in any given cycle you need to ensure that you are making love at the correct time.

Using ovulation predictor tests to determine when you are about to ovulate and be at your most fertile will help you achieve this. Cheap ovulation kits are ideal if you want to test everyday or have long cycles, as using a high street brand can be very expensive.

Ovulation Tests are sometimes know as Ovulation Predictor Test Kits, LH Tests, Predictor Kits and OPK's or sometimes even IC (Internet Cheapies) but no matter what they are called they ALL do the same thing. They look for the LH surge you produce just prior to ovulation; once this is detected you will see a positive result on your test. Actual ovulation will follow within 12-48 hours after a positive ovulation test.

Brand name products are available and the Clearblue Digital Ovulation tests are tried and tested over the years by thousands of mothers to be. Sometimes ladies are not too keen on using ovulation tests and the ovulation microscope is available which tests your saliva and can be cost effective because it is reusable.

Please browse through the products below to find one that suits you and your budget; and good luck with becoming pregnant.

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Digital Basal Body Thermometer

Digital Basal Body Thermometer£3.39

2 Decimal Digital Basal Body Thermometer

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Midstream Ovulation  Test

Midstream Ovulation Test£3.95  -  £30.99

Midstream Ovulation Test

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Ovulation Microscope - Saliva Fertility Mini-Microscope Tester  Maybe Baby

Ovulation Microscope - Saliva Fertility Mini-Microscope Tester Maybe Baby£16.89

Maybe Baby is a mini-microscope that shows the link between oestrogen and the salt levels in your saliva.

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